RipTide Vape Pod Starter Kits (2-Pack)

$ 19.99

A perfect pairing! Looking to pick up the incredible Ripstick device for you and a friend? Then look no further! Grab two Ripstick devices and two flavor pods of your choice, and enjoy the power of the RipTide in the Vape Pod Starter Kit (2-Pack)! Take advantage of the incredible 1.4 ml capacity in their especially designed pods and its 380 mAh rechargeable battery, as well as the advanced NicTech nicotine technology that ensures a smoother, more flavorful vaping experience. With an ergonomic, balanced design, you can enjoy the Ripstick anywhere you want while you overcome the challenges you face. Adventure into the RipTide with a buddy, and grab the 2-pack of the RipTide Vape Pod Starter Kit today!

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